Do You Struggle with Any of These?

Understanding why your clients experience pain?

Fear of making your client pain worse?

Lacking confidence in selecting appropriate exercises?

How to assess movement & design effective corrective programs?

Achieving consistent and repeatable results?

Comprehending corrective exercise from a biopsychosocial perspective?

The Client in Pain Won’t Risk Working with an Average Trainer Anymore 


Let's be honest, working with people in pain can be incredibly intimidating. The thought of making a client's pain worse can sometimes make it difficult to even know where to begin. We help you take the guesswork out of chronic pain & corrective exercise so your clients can finally return to pain-free living.



No more second guessing

No more fog of self doubt

No more wondering which exercises to choose

expand influence


Understand pain

Elevate your impact

Experience unwavering confidence

lasting change


Know you're doing it right

Ensure long lasting results

Create powerful pain-free transformations

Understand Why Your Clients Are In Pain & What To Do About It

Examining & approaching complex pain problems through a biopsychosocial framework is no longer an option, it’s the benchmark!

Corrective Exercise for Powerful Change

Access the ONLY corrective exercise video library with biopsychosocial outcomes. Supercharge your confidence and know which exercises are right for your client.

Helping Clients in Pain for Over 25 Years


Since 1994, individuals in pain from 17 countries, 33 States and 5 continents have trusted Function First to be their guide. We’ve helped them eliminate pain and return to the life they once knew - a life that’s pain-free.

Since 1999, chronic pain practitioners from San Diego to Sydney have enlisted Function First as a distinguished resource for their pain education and professional development.



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Personal Trainers

Physical Therapists

Athletic Trainers

Health Coaches

Post-Rehab Specialists



Massage Therapists


Athletic Therapists

Strength & Conditioning Specialists



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What makes a Biopsychosocial Approach to Pain so Different?

Why is bending over painful for some, but not others? Or how come the same exercise works well for one person, & makes pain worse for another?

Learn how pain influences each person differently and take the guesswork out of exercise selection & program design with a monthly or annual membership.

Help Clients Kiss Their Pain Good-Bye


video library

Video Exercise Library

The only video exercise library to integrate biomechanical, neuro-physiological and psycho-social exercise outcomes.

Pain Explained

Understand the science of pain, why it happens, & how to help clients get rid of it.

program design

Program Design

Learn how to design effective and safe corrective programs specific to the chronic pain client.

member only content


Exclusive access to select content from our two premiere online courses.

learning formats

Multiple Learning Formats

Access to In-studio presentations, podcasts & webinars, articles & publications.

pain free program

The Pain-Free Program

A copy of The Pain-Free Program: A Proven Method to Relieve Back, Neck, Shoulder and Joint Pain.


What’s included in the Membership Site?


This online learning platform is revolutionary because it teaches how to combine the latest in pain science with corrective exercise strategies to eliminate your clients complex pain problems & improve their quality of movement.

Eliminate Confusion   -   Know You’re Doing It Right   -   Ensure Client Results


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Entire video exercise library

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Pro Monthly | Pro Annual

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Unlimited access to:

Entire video exercise library including:

Biomechanical outcomes

Physiological outcomes

Neurological outcomes

Psycho-social outcomes

Function First Academy's 4-Categories of Content

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Coaching & consultations

Program Design

All-Access Annual


All features from monthly Pro Plan PLUS:

The Pain Free Movement Specialist (1.2 CEC’s)

The Yellow Brick Road: A 4-part framework for coaching clients in pain (0.5 CEC’s)

The (only) Biopsychosocial video exercise library in the world

The Pain-Free Program: A proven method to relieve back, neck, shoulder and joint pain

Ongoing access to future content