How do I become a member? 

There are two ways. 

1) You can choose the monthly payment route, which provides you with ongoing, on-demand access of our entire membership platform without breaking your bank. 

2) Alternatively, you can go with the annual plan, where you can put a little cash back in your pocket where we pay your first month’s fee. 


What’s included in my monthly membership? 

Full access to our Platform’s 4 Categories of Content, everything you’ll need to understand & solve your clients’ most complex pain problems. 

• Biopsychosocial video exercise library 

• In-studio video presentations 

• Podcasts & Webinars 

• Articles & Publications 


Does the monthly | annual membership include more content then what's on the 24-Day Pass?

SO MUCH MORE content is included with monthly | annual subscriptions! The Day-Pass is just the tip of the iceberg.


Can I cancel my monthly membership? 



Is there a fee for cancelling my monthly membership? 

Never! This is such a bogus tactic that some organizations still enforce. We get it... sometimes life throws some financial curveballs. You can sleep well knowing there are no cancellation or hidden fees with your membership. 


Does my membership provide cookie-cutter formula's for what to do with clients in pain? 

Nope! Almost every other membership hub does this; which is great for marketing - but falls way short in equipping chronic pain practitioners with practical and personalized strategies for each client. 

If solving chronic pain was a straightforward process, the chronic pain epidemic would have been resolved decades ago. 


Does my membership provide a multi-dimensional thought-process to navigate even the most complex pain problems? 

YES! This platform and all its content provides practitioners with a way of thinking; a system to navigate through even the most challenging problems. 

Imagine knowing precisely what to do with those clients who have seemingly tried everything, and yet their pain still persists. Confidence and clarity awaits!


I signed up for the Day Pass. Now I'd like to upgrade to the Monthly or Annual membership, how do I do this?

Log in using Day Pass credentials.

Click the 'My Account' link and select 'Manage Subscriptions' from the drop down menu.

Select monthly or annual membership plan.

Sign up.


Are the Online Courses a single purchase item?

Yes. And you'll have on-going access for life.


I have a question that hasn’t been answer here. Is there someone who I can reach out to? 

Yes, you can reach out directly in one of two ways: 

1) Email = [email protected] 

2) Phone = 1-619-285-9218